Sunday, May 15, 2011

Helpful Link Day

Found this link on MSN today.  It's not necessarily about traveling with kids, but it's got some good advice anyway...

9 Travel Myths and Hoaxes

Happy Trails!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Haul Review

I promised a review of these toys when I bought them a few months ago, so here we go!  I bought all these things at a dollar store, so you're looking at 7 dollars worth here.  (The pinwheels were three on a card.) 

I didn't pack the Counting with the Count book because it wouldn't fit in ODS carry-on.  The other coloring book was completely ignored by YDS who much preferred to spend his time drawing his own pictures on blank paper.  Oh well... 

The red pin-wheel broke before we even got on the first plane, but the blue one became a bone of contention among other toddlers in the airport lobby.  A little squirrely to deal with because of the fragility, but a big hit.  

The basketball games were a great way to transport crayons and the boys loved playing the game.  But the very biggest hit was the keychain bracelets.  Major love from both kids, and Mr. Three wore his to bed a couple of times!

I reviewed this stuff mainly to show that you just never know... Sometimes they like the weirdest things...  That's part of what makes the searching fun!